Hello! My name is Hugh and I live near Oxford, UK. I’m 53 and been riding bikes all my life, always fancied giving trials a go but it’s taken until now to get started. Been going 6 months now, still very much a newbie (think Bambi on Ice!). I just traded the old Rev 3 I bought to dip my toe in and now ride a 2020 Beta Evo 200. I also arrived here via Tom Trantows channel and my aim is to become a competent Clubman rider. I’ve had a days training locally with Alexz Wigg who lives down the road from me but really need something to grow with and be able to refer back to so here I am! Looking forward to getting stuck in 😀

Posted by Deleted (c95fcca7) at 2022-03-16 19:25:16 UTC