Here’s my fun time after practice yesterday with a new (to me) maneuver. Last weekend at the trial I rode by these logs and thought “I wonder if I could do a #floaterturn over them?” Tried it once and nailed it! Yesterday I tried several times with the camera rolling and of course struggled mightily. I had a couple decent tries and some not so good. I even tried blending it with RSG a couple times, but that didn’t work too well. I don’t know if I’ll ever need to do this in a competition but it’s sure fun to practice! I’m definitely stronger at floaters to the left. To the right feels more awkward. Also I tried a few #fronthops for fun. I think I need to practice these more. Any feedback appreciated. #askneil

Posted by Deleted (551a9e1f) at 2022-03-13 02:34:52 UTC