I spend a lot more time working on things to ride over, than actually riding. It's a bit of a hobby really. Last week I was clearing around a rocky gully area which really paid off as the guys loved it on Friday arvo's practice session. In another spot, I have been eyeing off the top of a boulder, just above a farm track. There was a ramp of dirt and rocks running up to it from the track, and I got digging, to expose the front of the boulder. It looked vertical, so I kept going! Huge amounts of digging and carting dirt and rocks. I didn't get a "before" shot but you get the picture. It looks bigger in the flesh than the photos suggest, and I've now dug it out deeper/ taller too, and it definitely looks a bit scary to try to ride! I'll do a bit more on it tomorrow.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-06-17 08:22:24 UTC