Hi All, Just saying hello. I'm quite new in general to motorbikes (2 years riding of anything pretty much), but got my Trials bike about 1 year ago, but didn't really do much until recently. Love the bike, its an old 2010 Beta Evo 250 but its ideal as parts are cheap when I break them (except mudguards, they are priced like gold). I'm from South Wales UK, so riding is mostly in mud or rain except for summer (approx 1 day a year 😆) Luckily there are a few varied riding spots near me, but most so far is way way way above my skill level. Hoping to progress so I don't hold up those I ride with on more Enduro type rides, and just have a goal of improving all round.

Posted by Deleted (c4e7b01b) at 2022-03-09 22:05:34 UTC