This is a section Stacy made for me when we were out practicing the other day. For something that looks simple enough... WOW!!! . I mean how hard can, "cross the log, ride along side the log, and cross the log again" really be? Well yup I had several goes at it before finally getting it clean. I can see some form errors I need to fix, and some more clutch control I need to gain. Overall though it was a lot of fun and some great practice. At this point of the game the float over the log is still quite a physical move for me. I can see where knowing how to hop could really be helpful, and I am improving there, but still got a long way to go before using it in a section. For now I am going to just keep challenging myself with tighter stuff and rocking it "old school" :)

Posted by Shawn McGinnis at 2021-06-16 16:17:12 UTC