I had an apostrophe! (Ok, it was an epiphany 😆) Remembering something Neil said about getting out of a creek bed, I stopped on a not too steep, but loose, rocky and damp hill this weekend to experiment. It was steep enough that the normal attempt to get going just put the back tire up against a slippery rock and I went nowhere. Without changing anything else, I tried #RSG and…it failed. Or did I fail? I sat there thinking about it and realized I hadn’t applied any of the three steps correctly probably due to it being so unfamiliar of a location to try it. I paused, visualizing doing it on flat ground. Then when I tried it again I felt a bit of traction but I was still missing something. (I stopped quickly before digging a hole). Pause, replay, visualize, repeat. Success!! Are you kidding me? How could there be that much traction there? I had modulated the clutch so the front end was trying to lift, putting the combined weight of me and the bike all onto the back tire, increasing traction, accelerating uphill which put even more weight onto the back tire, (yes…more than our combined weight. (Visualize jumping up from a bathroom scale and seeing the reading going way over your actual weight)) which I think is why RSG works so well at getting traction on flat ground, first because as you stand, and then as you and the bike gets lift way more than your combined weight is being applied to the ground. (Imagine how much weight would show on a scale during this action.) It was more than enough to get me moving (without spinning) and that got me to the top with a big grin on my face.

Posted by Deleted (551a9e1f) at 2022-03-08 14:23:54 UTC