A subtle but very exciting win today, transformative I think (hope). After 3 weeks of practicing #splat with little real progress things finally came together today and I could get more height in the trajectory. This was a team effort, I rode, @Neil Price bit his tongue, gave minimal direction & had a clear reference video in the Learning Centre, and @Tom.Trantow highlighted some key points :-) Thanks to both of you! What came together today was extending faster and delaying the clutch release until part way into the extension. I spent some time just practicing that timing slowly on the flat, then on some very easy obstacles, then onto the wall. It might not look so different to some of my previous efforts, but it feels incredibly different. Surprisingly (not), this is exactly the same thing I had to learn for punch - hold off a moment before popping the clutch. Doh. Slow learner sometimes. Still plenty to work on (more revs, stronger extension, more leverage) but I feel like this is finally a solid foundation to build on. Hopefully I'm not deluded!

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-03-08 05:45:42 UTC