Hopping the Front Wheel!! #hoppingthefront #Hopping #frontwheel So @Theo van Niekerk and others have asked and I have finally got to it! I wanted to outline this correctly for you all! and join this up with what i think is quite a valuable challenge! I feel the best process to learn to hop is to actually learn to hop engine off first, it may sound counter intuitive as everyone is normally focused the "outcome" (just wanting to move the front wheel) and not the "process". Going this way I feel really helps get the correct technique in place first and foremost, without the complication of the clutch! Even if you can't balance yet, this video is good value for you!! And please do Join in on the challenge as I post it up tomorrow!! This is only ONE video in the hopping series that I will create! This will all be in the Learning Centre, as I populate the content! It won't be populated in the correct order to learn in, but it should answer your burning questions as we go! I will be working very hard from here on in to get that content up for you guys!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-03-04 21:30:31 UTC