Clutch lever cover #askneil Hi, I'm just starting my first season and I'm on my 4th event and I am confused! I've been going through the back catalogue of challenges and techhniques and am trying to employ them each time I'm out. I'm using each event to learn in different conditions, granite boulder field, river glades, conifer forest and the last one mountain moorland. It's great that the observers give feed back to help and a lot of them have tapped my clutch hand and said 'forget that', (it seems I'm clutching without being aware of it and hence loosing traction). I've noticed that some of the sections I've cleared are ones where I've managed to straight arm and shift weight back to lug through, the RPM are so low that they can almost be counted! Should I concentrate on mastering the basics of balance and lines before taking on the modulation of power through the clutch? I'm contemplating riding the next event using less clutch cover, (it seems to be a safety net when things go squirrley.) Also there was a lot of riding in streams and drop downs into them, the water being mountain run off is so dark it's impossible to see the rocks underneath, I'm going to practice the RSG so I can loft down into them and hopefully control momentum, as using the throttle would be too fast.

Posted by morrison.mervyn at 2022-03-01 10:18:46 UTC