A lever related #askneil Something that's somewhat lever related, although not directly setup related I think, is when to have one finger on the brake and when to take it off? Just a couple of days ago I suddenly realised that in a trial a while back I lost a point in one section every lap probably because I couldn't juggle finger on/off properly. It was a step up onto a rock with a LH turn as you went up (bike length or so on top), then an immediate drop off to front wheel. Every time I baulked on top and put a foot down. Couple of days ago I was playing going up then tight turn and down on a steep loose bank/hill. I footed every time at the turn and it suddenly clicked that it was because I had my finger off the brake to manage the step up, then couldn't get on the brake fast enough on the hillside turn, so footed to save myself. When I forced myself to ride up finger-on I could clean it. It seems too much to keep the finger on the brake while manipulating throttle for a higher rpm Ride or Punch, but in tight spots it takes too long to get back on it. This has always been a bit of a battle - try as I might, when I need to be using the throttle my finger comes off the brake. Or if it doesn't I sometimes end up accidentally pulling a bit of brake on. Clutch is fine, I can stay on that all day. Certainly I see the pro's often let go of the brake too. Now I'm aware I guess I'll just try to improve my reflexes and finger agility, but any other advice or things to consider?

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-02-25 06:09:14 UTC