Sometimes it can be so hard to trust the process. First vid is from August 2019, and I hadn't tried that line again until just tonight. The rock doesn't roll, and I didn't trust myself to carry off it. But tonight, I thought why the hell not'! I find it so so hard to trust myself to be able to pull these techniques off when it really matters. Second vid is the proper technique!! I've been practicing the punch to carry on smaller things, so I'm so happy to put it to use on something that really needs it. Hopefully I can keep drilling it and not be afraid of this stuff in comps. AND THEN since I watch x-trial every night before bed I thought ‘it would be cool to get it from that angle' cue third video where there was some mad ×-trial vibes 🤣 I truly love every second on the bike at the moment 🙌🏼

Posted by Jenna_Lupo at 2022-02-21 10:19:39 UTC