Hi, my name is Mervyn and I live in southern Ireland, I've been riding bikes since I was 13, Moto Cross and Enduro. Last year I bought a trials bike (the pandemic made me do it!) and after a year of tearing up the garden I have started entering competitions, my riding buddies are 12 and 13 year olds who can ride circles around me. They have my respect. Having spent ages searching the internet for riding tips I came across Neil's videos and when Tom Trantow put up a link to the community I decided it was time to jump in. (Tom's progress has been inspirational). I really like Neil's deconstructing and his analysis of techniques and feed back. I'm currently going through his back catalogue and trying his challenges. Last weekend I had ample opportunity to do the downhill braking thing - worked a treat. I am trying to do at least half an hour's riding each day to keep in tune with the bike. Loving it!

Posted by Deleted (d36aacf2) at 2022-02-20 13:16:00 UTC