#askneil When practicing RSG timing yesterday on a slight incline, I turned around and realized I hadn’t tried it yet going in a steeper downhill direction. Feathering the clutch while revved didn’t seem necessary but slightly dragging the front brake to maintain a slow speed added another dimension to it. This made me wonder if I should be dragging the front or rear brake. If I’m still on the front brake when I hit GO, it seems like the front will lift anyway. I didn’t try dragging the rear since it just seemed like like too much happening too fast to release it, stand, and release the clutch. My questions are, 1. Can RSG be used effectively on an obstacle while transitioning from downhill? And if so; 2. I don’t think I really need to be slipping the clutch at all as long as gravity helps to maintain speed, right? 3. Which brake should I be using?

Posted by Dan Warner at 2022-02-19 20:13:19 UTC