@treesner FEEDBACK - How to stop the front wheel push #frontwheelpush #frontwheelwash #figure8 #hillsideturn Chris this is some awesome riding, such a steep fig 8, and you do it very well. This one is simple but very counter intuitive. To stop the wash occurring we actually need to lean the bike more as I explain in the video. I think the only problem you have here is the reaction to the front washing and once you get lower and stay back on the bike, and can get over the mental urge to come forward, everything else will fall into place! Key Learnings - To counter Washing the front lean the bike more - To lean the bike more, get hips down beside the bike. - Its very counter intuitive and it is hard to stay back and down, beside the bike - Essentially when we enter a turn we hold our position and don't move until we need to change direction and shift the bike from one leg to the other

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-02-14 10:00:18 UTC