After a fair bit of time working on #stationaryrsg I started to feel that I could apply the same sort of movements to other techniques. One that was a minor epiphany was trying splats (or my poor interpretation of them anyway). I could start to feel reaching the back wheel toward the obstacle and levering bars/pegs. Today I shot some efforts - I can see a movement of the hips back before the real "go", I'll work on that. Also more collapsing of the legs than I'm aiming for. Amongst my recent sport psych reading & listening there's been a fair bit about the benefits of minimal feedback. So ... @Neil Price would you mind taking a look through this and just giving me an activity/exercise you think I should experiment with to progress this. No feedback needed, and I don't really care if the exercise is not described in great detail either. A personal experiment. The last effort is what I thought was best so I put that in slomo too.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-02-13 10:06:37 UTC