@deletedmember FEEDBACK This is really just reassurance for you that you're on the right track! I think a few people will be jealous of your action in here, and its a good visual to @Tom.Trantow's discussion in another post about #leverage etc. KEY LEARNINGS - Starting further back = more speed into obstacle - Get comfortable and confident with the action 1st and take it in small progressions ADVICE 1. Get comfortable with the Technique I think for you everything is in place it will just a take a little time to convince your brain 🤣 2. Get a Nice clean step, a bit higher than this log and just a face that is angled back nicely for you, with plenty of run off, that is the height of the step. Then you can focus on the "up" technique and not have the drop after a log. 3. After you are comfortable with it, alternate between - rolling into step, stationary start back from step, then stationary start closer to the step. Don't do this till your really comfortable with the technique #RSG #feedback #log #squat

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-02-11 05:53:58 UTC