Hoping to get some feedback on figure 8’s on a steeper hillside. Mainly the turn from the bottom going up is what is struggle with. I’m trying to keep my shoulders parallel with the bars and squat down to weight the outside peg but kind of have to lift/lower sometimes to get up the hill. I tried the keeping the arms straight thing you described for flat figure 8’s but couldn’t quite get it on the hill. I think what I found to help was looking up the hill at the top of the 8 rather than down at the rut. Also when I’m at the dead bottom of the 8 and have slowed down with both brakes I then remove my finger from the front brake (I typically always have my finger on the brake/clutch) to do the bottom to up section, I think I react tap it sometimes and get front wheel washing. Going this direction my front wheel wasn’t washing much but going the other direction I was having a harder time with the front wheel washing but I didn’t get a video maybe next time. #askneil

Posted by treesner at 2022-02-10 20:36:58 UTC