@Ron Hensley FEEDBACK Well done Ron getting your first video uploaded! Thanks to @Tom.Trantow for helping him out! Now I have only fed back to your turning portion of your video. The hopping I am leaving for another video as a number of others have asked the same thing. So I thought I would cover hopping in a feedback to all of you! KEY LEARNINGS - Stretch your range of movement in training exercises - Stay low on change of direction, keep knees wide and transfer the bike only, don't stand up - Keep your elbow straight and shoulders square with the bars, where you can (you will need to bend at times to maintain balance!) By the way GREAT rear wheel hop! Hope this helps you guys, if you have a comment please ask away! #feedback #Turning #changeofdirection #practice

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-02-03 13:06:41 UTC