Hey Neil, Hello for the Pacific Northwest ofAmerica! I notice on your ‘Punch’ video you were riding a Beta. I ride the Evo 300 and have installed a TRP shock, etc. as well as the Kevlar clutch plates and have removed all the glue from between the fiber areas on the fiber discs. My clutch now drags much less but it remains rather sudden. I use MTL 75 in the gearbox and change it before every comp ( which is not often, can’t get enough of this!!!) My question is - have you done anything to the clutch on your bike other than the above and if so, what? I know there is a mod removing springs as well as turning the little ‘top hats’ which retain the clutch bolts around. Have you done this? I am completely aware that I have MUCH work to do on the RSG and other techniques but I DO feel the clutch on the Beta is quite sudden. Your thoughts? Thanks so much for all you do! All the best to you and your family! Ed

Posted by Deleted (e5f40e8c) at 2022-02-02 18:44:09 UTC