So I had a day off yesterday! @TRS Girl told me I had too. I had worked some crazy hours over 9 days juggling the community, and in person coaching, to keep the bills paid. It just made me think, how important rest can be. Even from riding. A mate was telling me about his tendinitis, from riding a bike delivering mail. That’s such a hard thing to truely rest. It made me think I often don’t mention rest and recovery enough. Especially when you are excited about diving deep into your riding and skill development. Make sure you build up. You can get incredibly fit whilst riding your bike, but you won’t be fit on day one or even week 2. So make sure you ramp things gradually and take time for rest when you need it! Thanks to yesterday’s downtime, I am feeling rested and ready for the show tonight and pumping out more work in here 😜👍

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-02-02 04:08:57 UTC