This is my first attempt at editing a video or uploading one to YouTube. Tom was a huge help! Pointing me to a video editing app and associated quick guide tutorial. The app allowed me stitch together 3 video clips and then create a voiceover. It was all done on my phone. That should be perfect for making videos in the woods. Sorry for the lousy framing of the videos. My “tripod” was a couple of wood blocks propping up my phone on the tailgate of my truck. FWIW, I discovered that figure 8’s in a box creates more of a trials scenario feeling - trying to use all the tape (or chalk or sticks). Also note that Figure8 requires more width than a turn because your rear tire isn’t against the tape. @Tom.Trantow #askneil - please let me know if this the sort of video (bad cropping aside) you need. If so, I will attempt to create some more realistic and challenging content. I don’t think my front hops are typically this bad. 🙄

Posted by Ron Hensley at 2022-01-31 04:27:14 UTC