I went to my first gate trial yesterday and it was an interesting twist to plan your own lines to gain as many points as you think you can do clean. In general getting through clean would be a bit of a weakness for me but I have been gaining on the harder sections with minimal points so I think I can incorporate some ‘gate trial’ training into my practise at home. Who enjoys gate trials more than normal trials? I took a pic of the stadium area the guys have built. It was fun to play on as well. I rode around with a good group and as usual I didn’t start well but I came home strong in the second half of the day so between us the scores would have been close. I also tried a few different RSG techniques to feel the differences in between sections. I was able to process some of what Neil has been mentioning lately but I’ll get some video & get into that detail another day.

Posted by Brendan Knight at 2022-01-30 10:36:05 UTC