Why did I wait soo long! A massive thanks to the entire team at Moto Dynamics for the most fun I’ve had on two wheels for a long time. Over the past long weekend I joined the crew at the iconic Blackwood trial in the south west of Western Australia and I’m now a trails convert. I was always interested in trial but never really gave it proper consideration. I’ve been trying to learn trial type riding (hard enduro) on my enduro bike and not really getting the results I’ve been hoping for, particularly after some injuries. Two days on a trials bike and now things are starting to click! I rode a 125cc GasGas and felt like a 10 year old again as you can see by my smile. I leant so much and couldn’t get enough even after 7 hours on the bike. When asked to describe how the bike felt compared to my enduro bike (Beta 200rr) I likened it to a mountain bike vs BMX or pump track bike. Hopping off a mountain bike and on to a BMX feels weird at first but once familiar is much more nimble. I can’t rate the Moto Dynamics team, event organisers and participants highly enough. Such a positive and encouraging bunch of people to be surrounded by. If you haven’t done it yet, join in on a trail event and see for yourself.

Posted by Deleted (4ab97227) at 2021-06-08 23:07:34 UTC