After @Neil Price great clarification video on go and RSG, I was still daydreaming about it and decided to watch some YouTube. I'm a visual learner and the more I see what good looks like, the easier it is for me to internalize what I need to do. @Peter Mack may get a kick out of this, but as a kid, I literally spent a whole summer watching snow skiing videos and come winter, I just did what I saw them doing. I improved without ever practicing in the snow. 🤔 Here's some short clips of pro riders doing #RSG and ride technique on small-ish and bigger obstacles. It's literally everywhere! 🤯 I slowed it down and left in the edit of how you can do that too on a mobile platform. Tap screen, click 3 dots in top right, click playback speed, then choose .25. This helped me internalize the leg movements that I was getting wrong. Esp the hips, knees and when to release clutch. @Andrew von Berky this may be useful 🤷 Happy viewing y'all 😀

Posted by Deleted (49e7edec) at 2022-01-29 04:17:58 UTC