Greetings from Texas! Stoked to join and eager to participate. Eager to improve my riding competence and confidence. Hopeful I can figure out how to leverage this opportunity. I only ride trials. I acquired a 2010 GG and started trying to ride it about 7 years ago. I currently ride a 2020 Sherco Factory 300. My turning skills are relatively solid, but Neil’s turn in his recent video looked better 🤣 My hopping is marginal at best, so I practice it often but try to avoid hopping during competitions. I use ride up and zap techniques but seldom attempt to splatter. I am always eager to learn and to help others learn. Already noticed a couple of Neil’s training concepts that represent a departure from my previous learned technique for turns - arches vs balls of feet on the pegs, and both arms extended vs the bow & arrow. I liked his rationale and will explore altering my technique. Old habits die hard though 🙄

Posted by Ron Hensley at 2022-01-29 01:25:23 UTC