"Go" Clarification @Andrew von Berky asked a really awesome question to clarify his understanding of the GO portion of RSG. This is awesome for me as I get a much clearer idea of how my coaching is interperated, and great for everyone else. As I deliver content, I make it as simple as possible. Hence, Rev - Squat - Go. Breaking things into the smallest, digestable pieces I can. But "simple" hides so much complexity. This is the beauty of Trials skills (even if you use them for Hard Enduro) is that as you progress you have these constant moments of revelation. That simple thing grows into something even more valuable, useful and adds even more enjoyment to riding! So this is a re-visit of RSG and its application in the ride technique..... It is a long one, but i think it is really valuable. And I like to waffle

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-01-28 15:07:31 UTC