Ok #askneil , I don't think I need a whole feedback video, but some wisdom on how to move in the right direction to get my HIPS IN on RSG would be great. I think I've done too many wheelies with muscle memory of hips dropping back, which have hurt my progression. I've come a ways since summer, my legs are firm at obstacle, still trying to stand slower, but it's my hips that go back 1st (heels drop) rather than pulled in towards bars as/before I stand. I included some pros doing it right for my own visualization of what good looks like as well as at the end the difference in how my hips go back 1st compared to @Neil Price . My best is at 40 seconds in. So how can I keep hips IN on the "go," stand slower and not lead with my head? Practice off bike? On flat? With smaller obstacle? Etc. Thanks community, I'm all ears.

Posted by Deleted (49e7edec) at 2022-01-27 00:42:32 UTC