#StationaryRSG FEEDBACK I made this video at 1am, I was so excited to see the progress you guys had made I had to finish it and get it up. Well done to all 4 of you @Dan Evans @David Grice @Tom.Trantow and @Peter Mack and to all the others who have had a go and not been able to post. This is not the end of the challenge I would like you all to have another few goes at this, In this feedback video I think we cover some of the major stoppers for most people. Balance is always the most difficult, to over come but there are ways that you don't need to balance. I can't over stress the importance of how this action permeates through all of you riding. As some of you have mentioned you can now see it in the Trial GP riders. Key Learnings - Tips for Balancing or doing this not being able to balance - Rate of which you stand up/GO, and timing it with the face of an obstacle - Keeping the legs straight - Going straight up, less forward, and not rounding or arcing over the bars - The value of keeping the legs straight and getting traction!

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-01-25 23:00:23 UTC