BALANCING WITH THE FRONT WHEEL ON So going through the #stationaryRSG posts and there was a common thread. How to balance with the front wheel on top of an obstacle. Whilst there is a requirement for some balance development to do it, I wanted to put a video together outlining what you have to work with. This is not specifically "how to set to stationary RSG" but how to get your balance with the front on any obstacle. It's a really valuable was to grab a rest, compose yourself and stay balanced in trials. This is REALLY valuable in Hard Enduro in those places that are really tough to get into and reach the ground. It can give you a good opportunity to save energy also. Key Learnings - When the contact patch of the front wheel is offset to the steering axis, turning the handle bars will have a big, obvious easy to feel effect, but a heavier (less leverage) feel. - When the front wheel contact patch is directly under the steering axis, turning the bars will have a smaller, less obvious and harder to feel effect. Lighter longer movement (more leverage) - In competition/riding situation, Put the front on the obstacle and get forward a little so you get more obvious feel for the balance. When you find it, shift back slightly to stabilise further. #balance #fronton #stationaryRSG

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-01-25 16:08:07 UTC