#stationaryrsg Here is a few minutes of stationary RSG practice. This shows several days of practice over a week. I've left in a lot of attempts but sped up significantly, just to show that what progress there is comes from a lot of repetition, there's even more that's been cut out or not filmed. I've been balancing slightly on the face of the obstacle because my balance skills aren't yet up to balancing with the front right on top or over the back slightly. Learnings: * still need to separate the Rev, Squat & the Go more. It's tough to hold balance while still separating the 3. * it takes a really strong commitment to fully straighten the legs and hold it. * a big one - my early attempts had a bit more of a forward then up movement. I think in most instances this was a hindrance. In the last slowmo's I'm trying to go more straight up and it's easier to keep over the bike. It also helps considerably as the obstacle gets higher. * related to the straight up movement, it feels better if I start the squat from a position closer to where I expect to end up over the bike, ie hips closer to bars and nice & tall. https://vimeo.com/668828650 Uploaded to Vimeo as it seemed a bit lengthy & wasteful to upload direct to the platform.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-01-22 01:23:33 UTC