@Wes FEEDBACK You are riding sooo well! EPIC work. Great points to focus on in your training sessions. This one is way bigger than I expected, but your progressing so well Wes! I cover a lot in the video, but its summarised below. I know you wont skip too far ahead Wes, but for all the new members keep in perspective that Wes has been working at this for a while! KEY LEARNINGS - Stationary Punch, when front is very low, less body action and more allowing clutch timing to punch - Using the back wheel against obstacles = traction and stopping reducing your run on, increases room to work with and lowers your overall Centre of Gravity. - Hopping Use the rear wheel drive to do more work, and slow the action - Float Turn, Allow the front to arc wider, rear wheel needs to turn - Smooth the combination of hopping and old school

Posted by Neil Price at 2022-01-14 01:38:06 UTC