#stationaryRSG I spent some time on this today - just some observations thus far. * It's way hard to balance with the front over the top of the obstacle! Most of my time was spent just trying to balance. * When the extension is strong and maintained there's lots of traction - went over backwards a couple of times. * As the obstacle gets a little higher (even a small bank on a slope) then I can't figure how not to pull the bike over backwards as I start to extend - I'm thinking that's a sign that I must be pulling myself forward, not just extending up. Video will no doubt enlighten me. * I think a light bulb went on relating this to splatters - got to hit the obstacle with straight legs to force the tyre onto it. That's a project to experiment with in future sometime. Great challenge @Neil Price !

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-01-13 06:01:23 UTC