This probably felt better than it looks in hindsight, but I was still fairly happy being able to actually use different techniques over the obstacle. It felt like the last couple of days of working on picking up the revs has helped a little already. I started in first gear trying to cross the double as slowly as I could while still hopping across - ride technique up the first log. Then into second gear and going for a bit more of a jump off the first. Finally from stationary - sumped and front-on. The last clip is a punch on a suspended log that I've had as a bit of a testpiece for myself - I've been able to punch it fairly consistently for a while now so I tried to slow it down as much as I could. Not quite ready for front-on, but close I think. Interesting how I thought I was punching quite low, but as the video shows, I really wasn't at all! It still felt staggeringly easy compared to just a few weeks ago though. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-01-10 12:05:00 UTC