Today's technique training was focused on trying to feel more confident riding on top of obstacle's or off the ground i suppose. As i am getting more experience at bailing out its helping me with the confidence. I've also been focusing on approaching obstacle's from 90 degree's and taking away space, i wish i could flick turn that would be so cool. On the ride home i tried punching a couple of logs along the way, one of which i was a couple of gears too high and almost stalled the motor which got me thinking of something i wanted to #askneil. If i were to try punching one or two gears higher, would this encourage my punching technique? I have struggled with not having the rpm there when i need it and i felt like it might help encourage me to bring the rpm on higher and possibly sooner? Just something that crossed my mind. Also Neil if you see anything that i am doing in the vid that looks like i need to stop please let me know. I think the front hops i noticed i am using too much upper body for example. Thanks for watching 😉

Posted by Wes at 2022-01-09 03:35:50 UTC