I just caught up with the "My 2021 Learnings" live show. I found the comments about RPM particularly relevant - it's a long slow process getting comfortable with higher RPM. I often spend time practising ever-higher RPM RSG/Splatters onto low banks and slopes. It's been the best I could think of, but I run into problems when I actually get it all together and suddenly the low bank isn't enough to stop the bike continuing to loop out without some frantic clutch & brake action (or jumping off the back), so then I find myself backing off again. If I go to a bigger bank it doesn't work well (sometimes looping out badly, sometimes just not giving it enough RPM due to nerves, sometimes just being too half-hearted on the clutch), except for the rare time when it does come together - so it doesn't provide the required repetitions. It's improving, but very slowly. I feel like I need some way to safely get comfortable really getting the revs up there so I get desensitised to the noise, while also being willing to engage some of that inertia with the clutch. So my #askneil is: have you got some suggested exercises to help build that confidence? Other than converting my 300 to a 125 😃, which I'm sure would be a great solution, but isn't going to happen any time soon.

Posted by Peter Mack at 2022-01-07 04:01:24 UTC