Another rainy day here in Queensland, so I'm kicking off the new year with some more static balance drills. I feel I can balance for quite a while with the front wheel on an angle, so now I'm working on having the front wheel straight. This is also a great core work out. The best I've managed on a hard surface is about 53 seconds. After being on a flat surface I then put the wheel on a step, and then a wall. To my surprise having the front wheel elevated makes it easier. The videos have been sped up except the last 30 seconds where I inch the front wheel down the wall under brakes. This condenses it down from > 4 mins to about 1:20. Excuse the squeaking, the bike needs some maintenance. Oh, and I have to clearly have to replace the rear tube, as I had inflated it to about 4psi, but as you can see in the video it's now completely flat.

Posted by Dan Evans at 2022-01-01 06:51:41 UTC