Tonights Show Watch here in the community or at the Youtube link at bottom. Fire Bans, have stopped me riding. Here in Perth Western Australia, its been above 40°C for a few days, and it literally means no riding! Total Fire bans, happen a lot during summer. I am not a fan of summer. It always throws a spanner in the works. That said there are a number of things i do to make up for the loss of riding! Cross training with different sports is fun, and can actually add to your riding. Tonight we have a casual chat about cross training and what to look for in activities other than riding...... to add to your riding. A hint my favourite cross training is still riding...🤣 What do you do for cross training? What things keep you active healthy and enjoying your riding? Join in tonight, we would love to hear from you so please do comment and ask away! Youtube link -

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-12-29 08:38:20 UTC