Just caught up with @Neil Price's “coaching learnings” from 2 nights ago. Funny how you say that teaching others teaches you too. Classic example here – I am no expert but on Wed arvo, I was showing Liam a tricky tight rocky uphill turn from a previous section, and I simply couldn’t get around it myself. Pretty frustrating. Had a few goes but hopeless. Then when Liam had problems with it I started critiquing him with comments like “remember the basics … elbows and knees out! Counterbalance with head and shoulders to the outside of the turn!” … etc. And I thought hmm, I need to remember that myself … and of course – I had one more go and did it perfectly!!! RPM fear … definitely. High RPM makes my whole thinking go foggy. I can’t surf, hence I ride awkward!! I agree, older makes learning patterns harder, even with lots of repetition!! Very frustrating!

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-12-24 12:14:39 UTC