Wednesday Waffle So I actually got out for a practice last week, and heading out tomorrow morning also Woohoo! so pumped we have the shop open and we can get some concept of normality back. Just a heap of waffle, walking you through a section I played with after doing my technique 1/4. I was REALLY tired last week and feeling really out of it. Was just like when I used to practice around night shift, when I was shift working... So this session I allowed myself to build up slowly and not set my expectations too high. I would have just risked hurting myself. I was focused on rear tyre line, and simply keeping my weight back, or more correctly, resisting coming forward. Anyway hope the waffle is of some value! #wednesdaywaffle #practice #competitionsimulation #reartyreline #proprioception

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-12-22 02:29:40 UTC