After watching my attempts at hopping over double logs I recognised it was well and truly time to work on using front brake with my punch technique. I find it really hard to coordinate the brake/throttle/clutch all in that fraction of a second! But when it occasionally comes together the result is pretty surprising. This one seemed like it was just about right and the bike really flew up into the air compared to no brake or when the timing was out. It seems like the brake release timing is the most critical - too early and you lose the fork compression, too late and the bike goes up but not forward. #askneil is there anything in particular I should be working on out of this clip? This is about the best I've achieved so far. I know I'm a poor student - the 5 Deadly Sins and I'm asking about 2 of them, Hopping & Punch. Hahaha. Oh and a housekeeping comment - it seems like since the Off-Season group was formed then all posts default to that group rather than Community. Is that intentional/desired? Would it be better/possible to set the default to Community?

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-12-14 21:51:21 UTC