#askneil Following up on my hopping attempts from 2 weeks ago. I've been putting in quite a few hours working on balancing slowly on the rear up slopes. It's definitely developed much better awareness of what's going on, and also is allowing me to feel like things aren't happening in such a frenzy, I can think about and react to what's going on as I balance. It doesn't seem like my lateral control/balance has improved much which is a significant handicap though. No surprise really. It's still not very slow - I think I need to get onto the balance point a bit more, but then I tend to fall sideways as I slow down. I've been conscious of working on both weight low & back and weight more up & forward - really noticeable how big a difference there is in the height of the front wheel! Heaps easier to balance fore-aft when back, but I tend to be unable to correct laterally. Getting low over the back also gets the legs loaded up for RSG / hop. I've managed by far my best hops up some mini rock steps - tiny punch onto the first, then can hop with the clutch to the second, very satisfying even though we're talking really, really tiny steps here! So what I'm asking is for a "touch base" and see if I continue on the current exercise, if there's something particular I should be focusing on or if there's something else I should add? Thanks. #hopping Edit: This went to Off-Season by mistake, so I deleted and re-posted in Community

Posted by Peter Mack at 2021-12-04 11:24:09 UTC