Off Season Training Program Let's get ready to rumble!!! Head to the link below, and download the two PDF's that I have just uploaded. This folder can be found if you go to the 3 lines at the bottom corner of your Phone app or top right hand side of your desktop screen. Have a read through the "Off Season Training Guide - Start Here" and "Your Plan", and tomorrow and Wednesday I will be posting some videos going through my planning process. This Off Season Programme is for you to adjust to suit your needs. Many of you will have aspects covered in your own way. But many don't. So this is planned out with a very open audience in mind. I will be putting up a booking link for those, who want to talk one on one with me to get any help they may need to structure this or for any direction, or just a chat on general! 😁 Tomorrow I will go into greater detail for you all and we will fully kick off Week 1 which is Planning and Stretching on Wednesday. There will be a new group called Off Season which you will need to join. This will be the location for all your Off Season Specific Posts! You will need to "Join it" No doubt I will have made mistakes with things 🤣 but I know this will be a really valuable resource for all of you even if you can't participate for some reason.

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-29 12:02:01 UTC