Tonight on the LIVE show we talk to @deletedmember and her partner Darren!! Nancy has had quite a journey to find more control with her riding. Starting out as a Trail/Enduro rider tagging along with her partner Darren, initially she was had trouble, just like everyone does early on in their riding career. In an effort to help, they picked up a bike with an Auto Clutch to help Nancy in her progression. A few years later Nancy started riding Trials. Over time her clutch control has come on leaps and bounds. Saturday Nancy reached the point where it became obvious, whilst on her Enduro bike, that the auto clutch suddenly became a problem, and was obviously holding her back. This week I promise you all I will actually press the GO LIVE button to go to stream here in the app! See you all tonight!!

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-24 04:24:11 UTC