Wednesday Waffle Ok so just a bit of waffle about "steering with the rear" and "weighting the pegs" and tying it in with floating turns and riding rocky lines. In @carl85morris's recent post/comment it was mentioned how i use different terminology. I am pretty careful with my words on how I deliver ideas (except for this load of waffle in this video 🤣). I found these throw away terms really confusing as a young rider, and I have tried them when coaching (years ago) and found them quite useless. Its almost like they are deliberately vague so we all sound like we know whats going on, but it does not really give us an instruction To clarify for Carl, I think the best progression for riders to develop riding in "rock gardens"; 1. Keep your weight back, and establish it as habit not to shift forward 2. Keep the arms straight, with shoulders holding back against the bars, this acts as a steering damper. 3. Start leaning the bike into turns whilst holding this "back position", keep the outside knee out. 4. Whilst holding this "back" and "turning" position, allow the bike to just run into obstacles, and learn what it can just literally ride over (front and rear wheel). When you are in this position the bike will have traction, will turn very easily and the front will float over all sorts of things...... Then you as a rider can get really lazy... or as i like to call it EFFICIENT 😉 #turning #steeringwiththerear #rockgardens #creeklines #burns #floatingturns

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-16 15:41:52 UTC