Even though I'm a founding member, I thought I would introduce myself as I've been pretty quite in the group over the last 5 months due to house renovations and then injuring my lower back about 3 months ago shifting furniture (not ideal being laid up when there's so much to do). I've been unable to ride since and have missed my riding mates, and a heap of trials events. I'm hoping 2022 is a better year. The rest is from my profile bio. What goals do you have for your riding? To learn correct techniques to become a more capable rider. Where are you from in the world?? This helps me understand your needs and helps you connect with others to ride with! Brisbane, Queensland, Australia How many years experience do you have riding? 30 What type of riding are you MOST passionate about? Hard Enduro and Trials Give me a brief outline of your riding history. Started out on a mini bike as kid. Out grew that and bought my first trail bike when I was 18. Predominantly just went trail riding with mates. Got into MX for a year or so, then Enduro. Competed in some pony express & sprint cross country events. Then got into vintage MX. In the last few years I've been riding more technical trails with the aim of doing a hard enduro event. This year I joined a moto trials club and have been competing in events. What brand, model and capacity bikes do you ride? 2 Max. Sherco 300 SEF Enduro & Gas Gas Contact JT25 250 Trials bike.

Posted by Dan Evans at 2021-11-11 10:25:57 UTC