Soooo I’ve been extremely busy this last few days at work and didn’t get chance to post on Sunday night! So that rock garden what you can see is the chosen destination to pick my way through! So to update in my progress I was very keen to implement what most had told me and immediately I’ve found it like night and day different in a good way! I’ve hung back on the bike keeping my arms straighter and my weight further over the back and to say it made things better is an understatement as you can see it’s a very wet and slippery venue and with all the leaves masking the holes and ruts the first few tries we’re well shit! But I did keep going and got better and better I now just need to try and focus further ahead of the section to maybe try and stop some target fixation going in🤷🏼‍♂️ the trouble I am still having those is turning and I got some advice from one of the older riders(60s) and he told me to steer more with the rear but I wasn’t to sure on how to do this so again I’m asking you guys for any tips etc to help me steer more from the rear of the bike rather than trying to do it with my bars!

Posted by Deleted (36d8d4f6) at 2021-11-10 15:44:51 UTC