Massive weekend trying new stuff!! Yesterday I did a demo at a local show and did a very large and nasty drop (last vid)! I’d like to be more comfortable doing them but since I have trouble taking off in a balanced straight line, this sort of stuff scares me!! Today I patched up the side wall of the pallet palace and practiced a bit of RSG and splatting (first two vids). I also changed it up with the pallet palace and turned the big splat wall into a technical double step, and I struggled with it for hours! I dragged mud up onto to it so it got very slippery. Managed a clean in the end, but my technique was very sloppy 😂 Really loving every second I get on the bike. I’m planning to head up to the Glenmaggie trial next year so I’m trying to get my riding up to mainland B grade spec!

Posted by Jenna_Lupo at 2021-11-07 06:46:54 UTC