Our Friday Arvo practice session was particularly good here at my place yesterday. Not a big rollup - just me, Pete and Les (both of whom have new E-motion electrics) but also a new guy ... Burnsie (Craig Roberts) who is well known around here as a really committed hard enduro guy. He's a terribly nice Welsh chap who went to Romaniacs back in 2019, and did a video series called "A Gumby Does Romaniacs ... A detailed vlog series of the whole Romaniacs experience by an average rider". (you can easily google it). We met up on a ride recently (he was the one that took that photo of the uphill log) and it's provoked him to come along on Fridays. I didn't realize he has a nice Gas Gas 300, but he hasn't done a lot on it and hasn't ever tried "proper" trials. We got him onto some fig 8's on lumpy ground and were quickly blown away by his good basic skills. I was also blown away how quickly he was saying "Andrew, man, this is so much fun!" We were only doing drills! I had put some hours into setting out 3 trials sections beforehand, fairly long and hard ones, and they proved to be really good and all of us really had a good time on those. Craig was so determined, and kept slogging away and his skills are so good that he did really well, and kept raving about how good it was. Unless he's a very good actor, it was a bit of an epiphany for him. I demonstrated RSG but he has a long way to go with that. It's a really hard one for long term hard enduro guys to "get". But his ability is so good I said he could enter a trial tomorrow and certainly in my grade, he'd do really well. Days like yesterday make it all worth it.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-11-05 23:27:33 UTC