@Tom.Trantow FEEDBACK Love seeing a good bit of turning practice! For a tall rider i know your pain. You have progressed a long way from the first few videos i remember! These points I think are all REALLY valuable to everyone. We will be drilling this over the Off Season Training. Key Learnings - Knee out earlier to stabilise the turn - Get hips lower #getlowchallenge, do as many fig 8s as you can, keeping your butt not more than 1" off the guard or touching but no weight on it. - Keep your head and shoulders back, try to keep the elbows straight. - Keeping using a mixture of 1st and 2nd, as first will help you smooth out your clutch - resist standing on change of direction Nose Wheelie to the side - bid sideways movements are hard to balance. - off set your hips, then bring the bike to you, then push it down Hope this helps you!

Posted by Neil Price at 2021-11-04 11:14:47 UTC