As you can tell, there's a painting job to do, and I'm procrastinating by spending time on the net! Sorry for spamming this feed. Thing is, I'm seriously thinking of permanently getting rid of my enduro bike. This isn't a new thing - I've struggled with it on and off since getting back into riding 7 or so yrs ago. I sort of can't see the point. At 60 yrs old, it's hard work and it doesn't give me the "buzz" it did when I was young. Although I live next to amazing riding country with hills and forests, I don't tend to ride it much, and certainly won't ride it solo. Over the last couple of yrs I've started riding the trials bike a lot. Anyway without further ado, I put some thoughts down more or less highlighting the positives of the trials bike vs enduro. Keen to hear others' thoughts.

Posted by Andrew von Berky at 2021-11-04 01:43:55 UTC